It is your wake up call if you are a small business that is yet to take complete advantage of what the internet offers. For most business entrepreneurs, a quality digital presence is an afterthought. Most businesses have outdated websites that make them look unprofessional.

Why Your Online Presence Is Important?

The necessary foundation for streamlining your business begins with creating a professional website. As an increasing number of users search the internet for goods and services, being found on the web is a necessity. A fancy website isn’t necessary, but every business should have at least a basic yet professional website.
Your website is where customers go to find out details about your business—first impressions matter. You want your website to represent your company and showcase the work you do. There is enormous value in a website that connects with your audience. They are looking for information on your business, so make sure they find the piece of information they are looking for easily.
Good web design for your business is one of the best returns on investment. Not only is it cheaper than print media, TV and Radio, but it also continues to work in your favor long after the initial investment. It will also give you a free avenue for future promotions and advertising for your loyal customers.
If you’re not taking the online presence of your business seriously, you’re at a disadvantage against your competition.

Why most small businesses have a bad website, and what is the solution?

Users seldom leave a small business website with a good or even neutral impression. With your website, it’s integral to brand yourself as a robust and professional entity. This gives users the impression you mean business and the motivation to want to engage more with your business.
Below are some of the factors leading to a bad website and their solution are as follows:

Overall planning of the Website:

Problem: Planning is an essential part of a business website that most business owners fail to do. At times this is due to the ever-changing trends, keeping in mind today’s business – there are so many demands that insufficient time gets allocated to the project. Sometimes businesses underestimate the time, skill, energy and expertise that goes into building even the smallest website.

Solution: With a team of experienced web developers and designers, TechforEU can help you plan and build a very professional website. Irrespective of what industry your business belongs to, TechforEU will show you a demo of your own new website. With this, you can see what your future website is going to look like even before you sign up. So we take off the challenge of planning a good website from you, and we do it for you.

Small Business Website pricing is just not right:

Problem: Pricing can be confusing as it involves many things. If you’re going for a completely new website, you have to buy a domain name, hosting, e-mail addresses, find an agency to design and develop your Website, and finally comes timely ongoing maintenance. For anyone who is doing this for the first time, this can all be very taxing. Overall costing for a basic website can range between €2,000 – €5,000, which most small businesses find a little steep.

Solution: TechforEU is a bundled website package. At TechforEU, we design, build, host, and maintain your website at a very cost-effective price. For €190 a year, TechforEU website package comprises of hosting, website design, and development, monthly content updates, backups, and maintenance with two e-mail addresses and a free domain (for the first year). It is unlikely to get a professional website developed and maintained for a year at such a cost-effective price. And that is why TechforEU challenges you to find any service provider in EU who will charge you less than €190. And if by some miracle you do we will refund you the difference back.

Lack of IT knowledge/expertise:

Problem: It’s not easy to have a business website that looks professional as well as being cost-effective. When small businesses think of a cost-effective solution, they generally think of a DIY solution, i.e., a Do It Yourself website solution, only to realise that they have hit a design/ technical roadblock. Some give up midway while some complete a website, but it doesn’t look professional. Only people with the correct technical expertise can make this happen.
Few business owners also try building a website on WordPress, and once things start becoming a little complex they give up. Moreover, any theme or plug-in that gets installed in Word Press should be thoroughly checked for frequent updates. If not, this can cause the Website to become vulnerable to crashes or outside attacks.

Solution: TechforEU is a DFY (Done for You) website solution, which means we do everything related to your Website. The initial development, the ongoing maintenance. At TechforEU, we ensure that your Website is always up-to-date in terms of WordPress or plug-in updates and backups.

Professional Websites at Cost-Effective Price for small businesses by TechforEU

So here is an excellent way of building modern websites at an affordable price. TechforEU will develop, maintain, and host your website. Instead of all of those expensive options here is an all-in-one solution for you. Visit our website,, which is available in English and German. If you plan to design or redesign your website, you can also book a demo to see what your future website can look like.