There are innumerable ways wherein you can create your website without knowing all the core skills of Web Development. It isn’t necessary to be a tech wizard, but being tech-savvy helps. Of course, several videos are available on YouTube that shows DIY websites that you might find interesting enough to try. However, a new way of developing websites in a cost-effective method is the DFY (Done For You) website solution brought to you by TechforEU. If you haven’t heard of a DFY solution, we’ll explore this in this blog.

The use of a DIY website can be inexpensive. But the resultant outcome you are expecting may vary, which leads to grueling hours of frustration as to how you’re going to fix your website. A DFY website, on the other hand, is wholly Done For You, where an expert Web Development team builds your website to ensure your business website looks professional. Let’s explore how TechforEU DFY website solutions can help your business.

1. How much time do you invest in the DIY website vs. DFY website?

Most DIY websites are built using a template. While the template looks great, the moment you start customizing it, you’ll hit certain roadblocks. You might want a new section, or you might want a specific part to appear in a different way. Now when you start doing this customization, you make a lot of errors, try to learn how to do it properly, and in the end, you lose a lot of valuable time that you could have instead spent on your business.

DFY, on the other hand, is not time-consuming. After your initial brief, the only time you have to spend is reviewing your website and giving approvals. You have a team of professional designers and developers with years of experience working on your project. This saves your precious time that you can use focusing on your business.

2. Absence of a Skilled Web Developer in DIY

As you are not a web developer, the end result may not be a professional-looking website. Moving around a few blocks of information might be okay, but when it comes to creating a robust website, you need to rely on some expertise.

Every developer and designer at TechforEU is highly skilled and has experience of working with a number of niches. Even before you sign up, you have a demo of your business website. This demonstrates the expertise of a skilled team for your business.

Whether it’s a contact form, or appointment booking form, a skilled web developer will provide you with a suitably built website that is just right for you.

3. DIY Lacks Professional Looks

Your potential customer will want to know if a reputable company exists on the other side of the website. A website that’s thrown together in a jiffy or just not made well isn’t going to give them that warm feeling. DIY websites lack a professional look; this is because once you start adding your images and your text to the template, it starts losing its original beauty. A great way of building a website is starting with the content-first approach.

Planning your content before developing the website is an ideal approach, which is not the case with DIY websites. In extreme scenarios, you may end up harming the reputation of your business, making you come across as an amateur if your website is not well planned and professional in looks.

With a DFY Website, you can expect a better-looking design. It will make you look trustworthy. Your clients will get an excellent first impression and trust the company behind the page. That means you’ll gather more customers who are willing to do business with you. And this is because before jumping into development, your website information is planned. Planning your website content is something you cannot skip over. The TechforEU team understands the right marriage between your business content and functional design.

4. Pricing for DIY and DFY, is the TechforEU DFY website cost-effective?

You get what you pay for, so ensure you pay for the right set of services. Free plans may include ads with expensive upgrades that would eventually equal the cost of hiring a web designer. And if you pay a low price for a DIY website, don’t be surprised if there are problems with it. It can sometimes be impossible to switch your website to another provider, and many people find it challenging to learn how to use the design features of the site.

When it comes to pricing of DFY Websites, TechforEU is more affordable than you think. TechforEU website is a cost-effective way of building and maintaining your website. For EUR 190 a year, your website package includes complete website design and development, hosting, monthly content updates, backups, and maintenance with two e-mail addresses. If you don’t have a domain name, you can get one free for the first year. You have a professional team taking care of your website at all times.

5. Backup and support

A few DIY website building offers do not provide a complete backup for your website. Therefore, if you want to move your entire website elsewhere, you might face several challenges. If you wish to make any upgrades on your website, you have to start anew. A DIY template comes with a lot of limitations.

TechforEU experts take frequent backups of your website and ensure all necessary updates, including theme and plug-ins. All required actions are taken to ensure the website doesn’t get hit with any vulnerabilities. In case of any unfortunate events, the team can quickly restore your backup. So, you can focus on your business while a team of skilled support professionals looks after your website.

Finally, a DFY (Done For You) is not a new way of building websites. It’s been around for a long time. TechforEU has made the DFY website solution affordable by offering it as a subscription-based product and doesn’t charge a hefty upfront fee. We aim to provide all small business owners with a professional website at an affordable price.