With the rise of mobile technology, people these days love to get the food delivered to their doorstep. Gone are the days when they waited outside a restaurant for a seat because the restaurant is packed to the roof. One would rather watch their favorite TV show and get quality food home delivered. This has become the new norm.

If you have your own restaurant business, you should invest in having a food ordering system for your business. With everyone going digital, it is estimated that those restaurants who don’t have their own food ordering system for food delivery by 2020, are likely to lose 70% of their customers. It’s always better to have more home delivery sales. Also, keeping people waiting for a table can lead to bad reviews.

The Restaurant Mobile App Development is scaling new heights.

Most people in the restaurant business prefer to have their own food ordering system to cater to their customers. Every person, whether a college-going student or an employee, uses the services of the Restaurant for Online Food Ordering.

One question that arises is, why have your own restaurant food ordering system when big competitors are already present in the market?

Third-party food ordering apps sometimes may not provide service in some areas as they are often overloaded with orders, causing delays. This can lead to restaurants losing out on regular patrons. Thus to keep up with the aggregators, entrepreneurs prefer to have their own food ordering system by improving delivery speed.

Key Reasons to have your own food delivery app:

A restaurant can develop their own branded food ordering system. A food ordering app generally includes options for delivery and pickup.

The key reasons for creating a branded food ordering system for restaurants are;

1. Most consumers in the EU use delivery services at least once a month as compared to online cab rentals and hotel bookings.
2. It helps restaurants cater to a wide customer base.
3. Generates more revenue- Orders placed via a food ordering system can be more profitable in comparison to those placed in restaurants.
4. Restaurants can save the commission (sometimes over 30%) that food ordering and delivery companies levy by choosing to have an independent platform.
5. By entrusting delivery operations to an in-house team, there is greater control over the quality of food delivered and the delivery speed.
6. Customers can track the order/delivery progress on the food ordering system.

The advantages of having your own food ordering system in the restaurant industry:

1. Excellent Customer Experience: A restaurant can provide its customer’s quick customer experience by using a food ordering system. Online Food Ordering helps the customers to order from the comfort of their home and remove excessive waiting time. The restaurant, as well as the customer, can view the previous order history so customers can order their favorite food with just a few clicks. It also enables the Restaurant to send some customized offers and great deals to their customers.

2. Increases your Target Audience: About two-thirds of people, particularly of the age group from 25-35, use mobile apps to find the restaurants. Therefore, having a food ordering system (website and mobile app) for providing restaurant services helps in providing an excellent experience to existing customers as well as attracts the prospective customers.

3. Timely Food Deliveries: Quality food with a timely delivery has become a key feature for restaurants. So right from placing the order till the delivery, the entire process can be tracked by the customer.

4. Provide Multiple Payment Gateways: Online payment is the norm now. Almost all apps are using online payment, and restaurant apps are no exception. Providing your customers multiple payment options through your food ordering system can make your restaurant more attractive.

5. Deals and loyalty points: A dedicated food ordering system for your restaurant makes it possible to retain customers by using loyalty and reward programs. With the help of a website or mobile app, you can keep your customers informed about the latest deals and offers using notifications.

6. Helps in Gathering genuine Feedback: The success of every entity depends on gathering the customer’s feedback so you understand what your customers think about food services rendered by you. With this feedback, you can improve your services. These reviews motivate other people to visit your restaurant. Therefore, the option to leave a rating or review is a must-have in your food ordering system (website and Mobile App) for Restaurant.

7. Get discovered: Website and Mobile apps can increase the visibility of your restaurant. With the use of mobile apps, you can share the information about your restaurant, its location, menu, opening and closing hours, etc. Customers can see the exact location of your restaurant through mapping services.

The menu can draw in more customers if illustrated with appealing photos. Social media integration can help increase brand awareness to users’ followers and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Must-have Features

You must understand your audience thoroughly before getting started on the Food Ordering System development process. Your audience is people who do not wish to spend time waiting in the queue, who prefer eating food from the comfort of their homes, who are too busy to drive to restaurants.

Most recent order logs:

Providing an option wherein the records of the customer’s last order placed are viewed helps the customer with speed ordering. The customer is most likely to order from the food ordering system again due to improved experience.

Scheduled Delivery feature:

Also this helps Restaurant be ready for deliveries in advance. Add food delivery scheduling feature in your food ordering system. This can help you to serve your customers in their times of need, i.e., when they are too busy to order.

Reward System:

Customer retention is one of the key aspects of any business. Mainly the reason why marketers keep trying various strategies to keep those customers with their brands. One of the ways of achieving this for food ordering systems is by having a reward system in place. Each customer gets points credited in their account once they order food, which can be redeemed the next time to use discounts codes etc.

This enables customer retention and also helps in improving the overall customer relationship management. Apart from these loyalty points, also notify your customers about special offers and discounts. Moreover, you will be able to retain a better margin by avoiding 3rd party Food delivery services, and you can make your customers benefit from this. You are hence building further customer loyalty.


Customers should be able to provide their input and experiences through reviews and ratings. This makes them feel that they are an integral part of your business ecosystem and that their opinion matters.


People using your food ordering system must feel that this is made just for them. Providing them with various options that make their work simple is how you can ensure that they keep using the food ordering system.
So the bottom line is before you start, you should be clear with your aim, which is to provide better experience for your customers. The features that you zero in on for the Food ordering system have to meet the requirements of your customers.


People are busy, and they tend to rely on apps for many of their daily tasks. Hence it is essential to make your business accessible online. If you’re unsure where to start or need advice, connect with us at TechforEU for expert advice.

We can provide you with the best food ordering system in the form of your own website and your restaurant’s mobile apps for iOS and android, ensuring an easy and cost effective system to aid you with growing your business.