All about Right-Tech-EU

What is a Right-Tech-EU website?
Right-Tech-EU is a website building service that gives you a website without you having to make a heavy one-time investment upfront. Instead, you can pay a small subscription fee (paid annually) for a fully-managed website.
What do you mean by a fully managed website?
A fully managed website solution means that we do everything for you to get your website started and keep it running smoothly. We book your domain, buy hosting, design and develop your website, and also maintain and update it for as long as your subscription lasts. This means that you have a website that remains functional and has all the latest information and features at any given time, all without you having to do anything.
How is Right-Tech-EU different from other website solutions?
Most website building solutions are either:
a. simple DIY solutions that require you to do all the work and offer limited customisation and features, or
b. highly customised website development services that require you to pay a heavy fee upfront for a one-time web development project with no ongoing maintenance and support.

Right-Tech-EU is a superior website building alternative that offers you:
– a highly customised Done-For-You (DFY) website built by a professional development team;
– hosting, a domain name (Free for 1st year),and ongoing maintenance and content updates;
– a flexible and subscription plan without the need for hefty upfront payment;
– and many more features!

Payments and Discounts

How much does a Right-Tech-EU website cost?
Annual plan costs €290
Can I purchase a two-year plan?

Yes, you can easily do so by getting in touch with our team on info@righttecheu.com

Are there any hidden costs or any processing fees?
No, there are no hidden costs or any processing fees. However, taxes will be charged on the invoice.
Can I get a one-page website? How much will it cost?
Yes, you can get a one-page website, it will cost you the same.
How can I pay for my Right-Tech-EU website?
Bank transfer

Bank Austria
IBAN no – AT441200010006133903

When does my subscription start?
Your subscription starts on the 8th day from purchasing the Right-Tech-EU plan.
What happens if I stop making payments ? What happens if I do not renew the plan?
In the event of non-payment, the services will be interrupted. If payments are still not done for up to a month, the website will be permanently removed.

All about your Right-Tech-EU website

How many pages will my Right-Tech-EU website have?
You get a fully functional website of 8-10 pages. The number of pages does not include what we consider standard pages (Imprint, Legal, Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition pages). These are developed at no extra cost to you.
What if I need more than 10 pages on my website?
You can get as many pages as you like above 10, however a one-time fee of €9 per page is charged on the additional pages you need on the website.
When and how do I pay for the subscription?

You pay at the beginning when you sign the contract. You can transfer the payment to our bank account (mentioned on the contact page).

How long will it take to build my website?
We can have your website up and running in 14 working days if all the requisite information is given to us in due time.
What if I don't know anything about building a website?
Don’t worry, Right-Tech-EU is a Done-For-You website building service, which means we will build your website for you, from start to finish and beyond. You don’t need to know anything about building a website.
Will my website be mobile friendly?
Yes, your website will be mobile-friendly.
What platform will my website be built on?
Your Right-Tech-EU website will be built on WordPress.
Is the hosting secure?
Yes, we provide industry-leading hosting for WordPress which is highly secure and reliable.
What if I already have a domain name?
You can use your domain with a Right-Tech-EU website however it will have to be maintained (renewed) by you whenever required.
Will you perform backups of my website?
Yes, a Right-Tech-EU subscription includes monthly backups of your website.
What should I do if the website is down?
You can contact our customer support service and we will resolve the issue at the earliest.
What do you mean by one content update monthly?
Your subscription includes content update once a month where you can request us to change the content (text or image) on any of the existing pages of your website. You can also change or update the content of your website by yourself if you are acquainted with WordPress.

However, the monthly update does not include building new pages which will be charged at €9 per page.

Other general questions

Is my Right-Tech-EU website GDPR compliant?

Yes, all websites created by Right-Tech-EU are 100% GDPR compliant.

What additional services can I get with the Right-Tech-EU website plan?
We are planning numerous additional services for Right-Tech-EU subscribers which we will announce shortly.
What if I want additional functionality on my Right-Tech-EU website?
Additional functions can be added to your website which will be charged extra depending on the scope of work.
Can I sell on my website? Can I get an Ecommerce website?
We are expecting to launch an Ecommerce website plan soon. Please watch this section for updates.

Start today for as low as €290 a year

What is Right-Tech-EU Website?

Right-Tech-EU website is a fully managed website solution which includes everything you need to run a website. This includes the domain name (Free for 1st year), hosting, website development, backups & maintenance, monthly updates and dedicated customer support. All this for no heavy upfront charges but just one small subscription fee.


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