The Internet has been around for over three decades, yet many small business owners still doubt the utility and necessity that comes with having a website for their business. A recent survey shows that only 64% of Hairdresser businesses have a website. There are several undeniable benefits of having a website, such as being able to be found in local search results, highlighting services and products, and establishing an early rapport with potential customers.

Websites have become relatively more accessible in terms of cost and technical know-how and there aren’t any excuses for not having a website.

What makes a Hair Salon website a good website?

It is, at times, challenging to know the essential attributes for a business website, and in some cases, features that are well suited for one may not be good for another. For the most part, this will come down to the kind of business it is, which will finally determine the nature of the website.

However, there are a few guiding principles that are universally applicable for all business websites, such as;

– A website should always be well designed. The design of the site is like a business’ packaging and is often the place where customers form their first opinion of the company. A poorly designed website immediately puts off the customer.

– If a website doesn’t look appealing by utilising good design, people are likely to assume that the product offered is of poor quality, that the business isn’t legitimate, or that the owner is inexperienced.

Starting with TechforEU is an excellent way to ensure a website will be aesthetically pleasing and functionally ready. Good design doesn’t refer only to the overall look of the website. But a good design refers to its usability and the overall user experience.

A well-designed website should deliver a user-friendly experience. It website should be straightforward, with relevant content and easy to navigate around. Call to action buttons should be brightly colored, and the website’s functions should be easy to use.

These fundamental principles improve the overall user experience and help to keep visitors engaged. It will translate to users staying on the website for longer, improving the chances they will make a purchase, and increasing the website’s SEO.

Next steps

A good website is quite possibly the most potent tool for marketing your business and connecting with potential customers. Getting a website doesn’t have to be complicated. With TechforEU, we offer the full package at an affordable price of just €190/year. The complete website package includes website hosting, design and development, backups & maintenance, monthly updates, and dedicated customer support. You also get 2 email addresses and a domain name (free for the 1st year). All of this for no heavy upfront charges but just one small yearly subscription fee.

Below is a Hair Salon template created at TechforEU to help you get started. Simply click the ‘Book Now’ to get this template customized for your Salon. All TechforEU website are 100% mobile friendly and SEO Ready.

Hair Salon Website Template by TechforEU – 1

Hair Salon Website Template by TechforEU – 2

Hair Salon Website Template by TechforEU – 3

While there will always be some costs involved (whether monetary or the business owner’s time), it is clear that the benefits of having a website outweigh these substantially. If you’re keen to get your business online with a Hair Salon website at TechforEU and need some assistance, get in touch.